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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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LAURENCE’s family — IL

 photo fwbutton150.pngLaurence 2We are so excited to have Laurence/Lance join our family. I have had a heart for orphans starting at a very young age. I currently enjoy working in the field of special education, and have a great schedule for raising a family. I went back to school to get my Masters in Social work to hopefully start a ministry for orphans/foster kids someday. Although I have these big dreams, for right now, I am using what God has given me in the present moment. I didn’t really plan to adopt overseas, mostly because of the huge expense. In fact, I got my foster care license so that I can adopt a child from foster care in this country. I guess God has other plans at this time, and I am trusting in Him to provide. Lance will join two brothers. My biological son is 8 years old and he is half-Chinese. Lance’s other soon-to-be brother joined us in June of 2013 through a program called Safe Families and will be with us long-term. We are all looking forward to meeting Lance and have enjoyed the pictures and stories from so many people who have already met him and love him.



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