Nathaniel 2014OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy, born August 2010

Other congenital hydrocephalus, Other specified congenital malformations of brain, Tetraplegia, Other specified disorders of brain, Optic atrophy, Iron deficiency anemia, Other ill-defined heart diseases

Nathaniel is available for adoption!


Picture in pink pajamas from March 2014; picture in orange stripes from winter 2014.


We are so thrilled to be able to relist sweet Nathaniel!  He is alive and growing!

From a family who met him in April 2013:
Nathaniel was our little boy’s neighbor in the infirmary. When we first saw him, we were so sad for his condition and the pain it must cause him daily. But then his eyes met mine, and his joy in just that interaction traveled quickly to his sweet smile. We became fast friends through the windows separating the rooms, playing peek a boo and smiling at one another. He began to look for us and to squeal with joy when we came for our daily visits. He taught me so much about true joy in our weeks there. I pray that a family will come forward soon to claim him. I know they will be blessed beyond measure by this amazing little boy! I don’t know a lot about his diagnosis, but I know that the little boy we spent time interacting with was full of life and hope.

$10,050.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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