emmagraceGirl, born October 2007
Down syndrome

Emma Grace was found as a newborn. According to her last report in April of 2012, she can walk quickly and goes up and down stairs with holding. Emma Grace can kick the ball and likes outdoor activity. She can wave her body along the rhythm. She can use chopsticks and spoon for feeding and can drink water from a cup. Emma Grace can brush her teeth and wash her hands with supervision. Sometimes she can speak phrases of 2 words, such as “baba, mama, baibai, nihao”. She is also learning sign language.

Emma Grace likes to play with toys that make music as well as playing with blocks. She can understand simple directions such as passing things and likes to imitate.   She is quiet and kind and likes to be cuddled. She is shy at first but warms up to familiar people. Emma Grace is a darling little girl who is easygoing, always feels content.

Photo and additional information available from the agency.

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