BennettGuardian AngelBoy, born July 2008
Congenital heart defect, Post-Op Anal Atresia, Post op repaired Mega Colon, nutrients absorption issues

Bennet is an incredibly sweet and caring little boy who is in care of a fantastic organization in his home country. Unfortunately, Bennett has been VERY sick with an abdominal infection over the last year and needs a mommy now. His condition is stable but has a hard time gaining weight as his body is having a hard time absorbing any nutrients. He is on a regular diet supplemented with Pediasure.  He is a boy that is extremely happy, full of energy and is a typical and active little boy who needs some extra TLC when it comes to his feeding and nutrients issues. Bennett hopes a family will see him for the sweet, intelligent and handsome little boy he is and make him their son.


$109.80 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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