Colleenupdatedpicture1Colleen (2)Girl, born September 2005
Delayed growth and development; deformity of spine

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From her November 2008 file:
Physical exam results of the child on admission: postoperative cerebral palsy, vertebrae on waist bent, abnormal of left upper joint (birth trauma nerve injury); delay of growth and development. Now she has been in the institute for 2 years and 10 months with the age of 3 years and 2 months. On August 2006, she had the operation of cerebral palsy and she recovered well, but she still wears a diaper (at age 3). Colleen is a beautiful girl who has bright eyes. She usually observes changes in her surrounding with her bright eyes. She has an introverted personality and is timid when confronted by a stranger. She does not want to talk with strangers/guests. Colleen has a cute dimple. Whenever she is happy, her little dimple will present on her face. How cute it is. Colleen is very smart. She can sing children songs and usually performs for the nannies. All the nannies love her very much. Colleen has the ability of art. When nannies play music or she listens to the music on TV, she dances with the music. Her cuteness attracts all the nannies to kiss her. Colleen loves to play toys with others and knows to decline modestly to the younger children.

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