Ned (1) Ned (2)Boy, born 2003

Ned is a charming 10 year old boy who has been waiting for a long time for a family because of the relatively minor special need of hair loss! Ned was abandoned at the age of five and arrived at the orphanage in a malnourished state. He was very fearful of others and self-conscious about his hair loss. Ned was unwilling to interact with anyone at the orphanage, and when people tried to talk to him he would run away.

A teacher at the orphanage realized the cause of his anxiety and bought him a hat. The teachers praised Ned and told him he looked handsome and his confidence started to build almost immediately. Now Ned is 10 years old and he is lively and extroverted. He is of normal intelligence and attends the local school where he is hardworking and studies carefully. Ned loves going to school. He has a lot of friends there and gets on well with everyone.

His orphanage fee has been waived completely in the hope of finding him a family!

$53.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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