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Don Michael

Don Michael Don Michael2Boy, born May 2000

Don Michael needs a family to adopt him PRIOR to his birthday in May 2014, or he will age out.

Don Michael is a fast and talented learner and he is in Grade 4 at the School for the Blind. He is an independent and confident young man. He walks down the road to school every day, Don Michael enjoys going shopping and cooking, and his favorite thing to do is to ride the subway. He has memorized the subway map and he knows how to go into the station, buy a ticket and get on the train by himself. He reads the subway map on the iPad and he tells us which station to transfer at, or to get off.

Don Michael loves asking questions and he is very thoughtful. He can read both Chinese and English Braille fluently, and he can read the alphabet letters if they are big enough, and close to his eyes. Don Michael has run in the Mini Marathon 2 years in a row, he can ride a bike, and do many other things that sighted children of his age can do. He is gifted in music too. He plays the piano, the flute, the drums and another Chinese instrument. Don Michael had a family that could not continue and he is aging out in May.

$4886.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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