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Raymond for the Kingma family — MI

KingmaCalled to Adoption: An Invisible Red Thread
There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.” The Kingma family is connected by many red threads, woven together carefully by God and joined together to create a family.

Henry and Liz have always shared a strong sense of calling to be adoptive parents. Adoption is part of the Kingma family’s response to the gift of salvation they have received from God. Their adoption into God’s family compels them to look at the world differently and to find ways to live out their gratitude. Jesus spent his entire ministry reaching out to those on the margins, including orphans. It is estimated today that there are over 150 million orphans worldwide! So how do you make a difference when there are so many? You do it like Jesus often did, one person at a time.

After Henry and Liz had been married for seven years, they began the process to adopt a child with special needs from China. A year later, they met and brought home their daughter Meili. She was born with a cleft lip and palate and she was a little bundle of energy and joy! Two years later, they began the process to adopt another child with special needs from China. The following year, they welcomed their son Willem home. He was also born with a cleft lip and palate and experienced many developmental delays – partly due to illness and diet, partly because of his environment. Since coming home, he has overcome many developmental obstacles, endured many surgeries and continues to grow and thrive! Meili was delighted to be a big sister and proved to be a very good one for Willem!

At this point, Henry and Liz thought that they were done with adoption. They had completed two adoptions, had accumulated a second mortgage on their home and had lots of debt from travel expenses, adoption fees and their kids’ medical needs However, this past winter, Henry and Liz felt a strong sense of calling to begin the adoption process again. This time the calling was harder for them to comprehend. Financially, they had exhausted all of their resources and didn’t know how they could make it happen again. However, they were encouraged by friends, family and the adoptive community at their church and were reminded that when we trust God to provide, we allow him to work miracles. It was because of all the support that they began the process to adopt again, this time a child with special needs from Hong Kong. They have received Matching Approval for a little one-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome from Hong Kong. They cannot wait to meet him and bring him home!

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