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Monel OCT fomal-Carlton-

Boy, born May 2008
Cerebral Palsy

Listed: Jan 22, 2014

Update Jan 2014:
Carlton has cerebral palsy, but can sit up independently. He can also stand assisted and will walk with assistance if you hold his hands. He has vision impairment, but can still see what is happening in the world around him. Carlton has no history of seizures and is medically stable, although he does struggle with weight gain. He is nonverbal, but is often babbling and loves to have “conversations” with those around him, often making loud noises. Carlton can roll and scoot independently and has no trouble making it from one side of the room to the other. He loves pressure and a tight hug helps to calm him down when he gets overexcited. He loves to be tickled and receive special attention.

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