Sam Thomas

Sam ThomasBoy, born February 2009

Update Jan 2015:
Sam Thomas has had some developmental delays, but is making great progress in catching up to the other kids his age. He can still struggle to express himself, but his verbal skills are increasing every day and this seems to be helping him immensely. Sam Thomas knows many words in both his native language and English. He has had febrile seizures as well, although there have been no recent episodes. Sam Thomas has a slight deformity in one of his legs, but it is virtually unnoticeable and he is able to run around and play with his friends. Sam Thomas sometimes gets overwhelmed when his environment changes or when he gets too excited, but he is getting very good at self-regulating and requesting time alone in his room to settle down. He knows the names of everyone in his house and regularly attends English preschool, where he is making great progress.

$9.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!