JudyGirl, born October 2012

Judy is a sweet little girl. She appears to have some delays, possibly cerebral palsy, and does not currently have much muscle control. She cannot hold her head independently, but her control is improving. She cannot roll over, but can roll to her side. As her nutrition level increases, we are hopeful that this will improve. Judy loves to interact with those around her and will eagerly watch you until you pay attention to her. She has a great giggle and a precious laugh and is completely adorable!

Update Jan 2015:
Judy is a beautiful little girl. She appears to have some delays, likely cerebral palsy, and currently has limited muscle control. Although unable to do so for long amounts of time, Judy has made great strides in her ability to hold her head up. Her general core strength is also improving and when her trunk is somewhat supported, she can stay in an upright position for quite awhile. Judy does not roll over, but easily turns her head from side to side to observe the world around her. She always keeps a close eye on her nanny and will watch her from across the room. Judy seems very aware of familiar people and will often smile at those she sees. If she is not happy, she is quick to bring out her pouty lip. Judy will cry to be held and stops immediately if you pick her up. She is a petite little girl who has struggled with weight gain, but we are supplementing her diet with high calorie foods and she is starting to gain a little weight. She has also had a few periods of illness with a fever, but has not had any recent issues. Judy has a smile and a giggle that make many fall in love with her. Even though she cannot talk, her eyes and facial expressions communicate volumes!

$40.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!