O Mikah 2014_2
Boy, Age: 12
Diagnosis: hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy

Mikah lived the first 10 years of his life in an orphanage where his physical and emotional needs were severely neglected. Drastic improvements have been made to Mikah’s care in the past 3 years and he’s shown significant growth both physically and emotionally during that time. He is now receiving physical therapy, spending his days actively engaged with other children and adults and having all of his medical and nutritional needs met. He makes eye contact and actively interacts with adults and other children. He can sit up unassisted and will play will people who interact with him (mimics patty cake and other games). He’s gentle with younger children and often interacts with children as young as 3 years old. He likes to play with a ball and roll it back and forth to another person. He enjoys listening to children’s music. He responds to his name and will follow some simple directions.



The agency representatives that visited him in the fall of 2014 reported that he was very happy and engaged during their visit. He was observed in a setting with children of various ages. The care givers reported that he is a gentle child who enjoys receiving attention. He actively engaged with the visitors, giving hugs and kisses, mimicking hand gestures and playing games. He is significantly delayed for his age. However, the improvements seen in the past couple of years indicate that he has great potential when he has access to appropriate care and attention.

The agency has photos and videos from November 2014

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