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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Elizabeth (2) Elizabeth (1)Girl, born December 2000
exotropia of both eyes; left hemiparalysis along with spastic gaits (right parietotemporal porencephaly; cystic cerebral apophysis)

Elizabeth was found at a later age and had an understandable rough start adjusting to orphanage life. She will age out in December 2014!

She has made great strides and her report states that now she has a dream to become a little teacher and the teachers give her opportunities to practice that dream as well. In such a role, she learns how to organize the student’s behaviors, arrange them to go to the washroom and rest. Now she is an excellent little teacher. She also learns how to be self-disciplined and now she is reasonable and has her own opinion. Elizabeth likes pretty clothes and hairstyles. She loves drawing pictures with a pencil, then colors them before showing them in front of teachers and other children. She always has a wonderful smile when being praised; if not, she would say, “Wait, I would draw again till the one that satisfies you.” Elizabeth has written a note that states “I am willing to be adopted by foreign parents. I hope to have parents and older siblings who love me.” She is waiting patiently as the time ticks away. Perhaps she is the daughter you are looking for?

Pictures and additional information available.

$7500.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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