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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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GEORGINA for the Wingfield family — TX

30624160006wingfield-georginaJared and Debbie have been married for fifteen years. They met while attending college at Texas A&M University and are currently living in Kemp, TX where they are both teachers and coaches. After dating for two years they were married in June of 1998. With very busy work schedules, they waited nine years to start their family. They quickly learned that conceiving on their own was not going to be an easy process. After two years of trying, God blessed them with their precious little Carter Ellis in July of 2009. Jared and Debbie found out at fourteen weeks into the pregnancy through amniocentesis that Carter would have Down’s Syndrome. They were both so apprehensive about the unknowns, but as soon as they looked into the eyes of their little angel, all of their worries melted away. Carter has touched the lives of so many people, but none more than his parents. Four years ago Debbie discovered Reece’s Rainbow on the internet and began to empathize so much with every child she saw. She began to donate to children and used her role as a teacher to raise awareness to her students. She started her own class adoption program for Christmas. Debbie`s student donated and set a goal to receive a Christmas Angel ornament for the child that they chose. Every class met their goal and the ornaments still hang proudly in her Texas classroom. Still, she wanted to do more and knew that one day she wanted to add to her family and life with one of these special children. After a lot of prayer and two more years of failed attempts to conceive again on their own, Jared and Debbie finally recognized that God called them for a different purpose. It was then that they found Braeden. Jared and Debbie knew right away that fate and faith had led them to him. Over the past two years they have both watched Stasik (Braeden’s real name) grow healthy and happy. During that time, they also decided that their journey to adopt a child was not complete. Although two boys in the house definitely keeps things interesting, Debbie decided she was ready for a little bit of “Pretty in Pink”. The two decided that it was time for the boys to have a sister. They have found the perfect addition to their family with Georgina.

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