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PHINEAS and LOVE for the Lee family — OR

 photo fwbutton150.pngPhineasLeeKelly and Kevin (K.C.) have been married for 10yrs and have 3 children Kendall (8), Kopelan (6) and their newest blessing whom they just finalized on this past month Karis (1). They have been blessed by adoption 2x now and know the love and joy it brings to a family. They were foster parents for over 9 years in the past and worked/volunteered in various fields with children who needed a little extra love. To say their life has not been surrounded by children would be an understatement. Recently moving from the East coast to the West coast to be closer to Kelly’s family, they have just bought their dream house in the country. They now have the house, and the land and have even added some goats and chickens to the mix. After years of advocating, praying and donating to families bringing children home to their families Kelly and K.C. are stepping out in faith as they not only plan on bringing one, but two sweet song birds into their family! They are so excited and the older children are overjoyed at the prospect of a new brother and sister. Especially Kendall, she is enjoying the fact that she may become a little sister!

Committing to “Phineas” is very special to us. Kelly being his Guardian Angel has prayed and advocated for months for him. She has raised funds and talked to families late into the night that were so close to committing, but never did. Now we know why. He was our son. God was preparing their hearts. It was not until they committed to host two children through a hosting program and the hosting did not work out that they really felt the tug. Why wait? Why should we wait until summer hosting? Why should we make the kids wait? We prayed and struggled with what to do. It was K.C. that said, ” Why don’t we just adopt then”. So here they go…. Please Pray as they step out in Faith in this brand new journey of International Adoption!!


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