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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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DIANA and ANNE for the Michaletz family — WI

DianaAnnemichaletz-girlsBill and Amy Michaletz have been married twenty years and have five children—Jenny, Jack, Joe, Nate and Ellie. They are adopting Diana and Anne and are thrilled to be on this journey! The whole family is excited to bring the girls home.

Both Bill and Amy have traveled to Ethiopia to serve in orphanages, including a teen orphanage and a HIV+ orphanage. When they met the precious children living there, they saw each one of them as a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made—each child with potential and uniqueness, each with a name, their own story and each with worth. Not a statistic, but a child.

Amy and Bill see Diana and Anne as just that—not just two of the 147 million orphans, but two precious girls. Two girls that God sees as just as special as their other children. Two girls, who despite their “codes” for their “disabilities” have so much to offer a family—the beauty of seeing a child truly blossom and become the work of art God designed them to be. Two girls whose special needs are not a list of diagnoses and codes, but the special needs God sees them having—-the need for a family.

Bill and Amy are familiar with the types of delays the girls have as one of their sons has some of the same delays. They are anxious to get the girls home and use the things they have learned with their son to help Diana and Anne learn and grow.

They thank you for your support—especially your prayers as they journey to bring their girls home!

5/19/14—COURT on JULY 4
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