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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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CHAVA for the Chellson family — CA

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Madeline (Chava)

Madeline (Chava)

David and Melissa have been married for 9 years and have two amazing boys, Ryan (8) and Mykhaylo (4). Their hearts were full with love after the adoption of their youngest son Mykhaylo (aka Misha or Aaron on RR) and they felt their family was complete with their two boys. However, after a year of being home with Misha, David and Melissa began talking about expanding their family once more with a third child (hoping for a girl), but were not excited about the road to having another baby after dealing with secondary infertility and failed fertility treatments prior to adopting Misha. Melissa had always browsed the Reece’s Rainbow website just to stay in touch with the adoption world and thought maybe one day they’d adopt again…It wasn’t until Melissa saw the picture of precious Chava and immediately knew that the day had come sooner than later that they would adopt again. Once Melissa showed David Chava’s picture, he agreed that they needed to bring her home. David, Melissa and the boys are excited to welcome a daughter/little sister into their family and are looking forward to the added touches of pink and purple she will bring to their family!!


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