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OLIVER and ANDREW for the Nolan family — NJ

 photo fwbutton150.pngOliver 2012Andrew 2012Josiah & Jenny have been married for 2 ½ years. They are originally from the Midwest (Wisconsin & Minnesota), but moved out to New Jersey about 2 years ago for Josiah’s career. Jenny traveled to Eastern Europe for the first time during her sophomore year in college, which is when she fell in love with this country. She has since returned five more times to work in the orphanages and teach English as a second language.

They have discussed adoption for a very long time, and they have both known that this is something the Lord has planned for them in the future. In September of 2013, Jenny discovered Reece’s Rainbow and became slightly obsessed. She spent hours scrolling through the pictures of the children, reading blogs, and talking to Josiah about the stories. When she saw Oliver on the front page of the website, with the words, “facing imminent transfer,” her heart was immediately softened to him, but his special needs were overwhelming. She showed Oliver’s picture to Josiah and they committed him to prayer. They prayed daily that the Lord would bring parents to adopt him. Pretty soon they started thinking, “Why can’t we adopt him?” But his physical needs were still overwhelming, and they felt that another family would be better suited to be his parents. One day, when they saw the words, “Oliver has been transferred!” their hearts sank. There were many questions and tears and prayers.

One Sunday on their way to church, after one of their serious discussions about adopting Oliver, Jenny commented that she wanted an obvious sign. She jokingly said it would be nice if the pastor said, “You will adopt.” As they walked into church about 15 minutes late, the first thing that they heard their pastor say was, “We need to adopt.” They looked at each other, with mouths hung open in disbelief, and started to laugh. When they returned home from church, they saw a video of sweet little Oliver for the first time, and in the video was Andrew. They knew immediately that if they traveled to Eastern Europe to get Oliver, they would not leave Andrew behind.

Although this journey sometimes seems impossible, they know that with God, nothing is impossible. The physical needs & severe delays in Oliver & Andrew from a life of living in a crib are overwhelming and daunting, but they believe that these boys are just as deserving of love as any other children. These boys need a family to love them unconditionally, and that’s what Josiah and Jenny are going to give them. God doesn’t make mistakes, and he didn’t make any mistakes when he created Oliver & Andrew. They are perfect.

Thank you for your prayers & support for Josiah & Jenny throughout this process. They are not rich, they do not have lots of experience with special needs children, and they have never been parents before. They are not doing anything extraordinary or amazing; they are just following the Lord’s calling on their lives. To HIM goes all the glory.

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