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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Julie updated photo (1)Julie (1)Girl, born March 2012 PRC
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect


Julie has a big smile with huge dimples! She plays well alone and is known by her caregivers as being smart, lovely and pleasant. She is a strong little girl who can stand with help. She likes to play hide and seek and giggles when teased. Her favorite toys are those that make noise when shaken. Julie has also been diagnosed with a heart condition.

UPDATE March 2015:
The orphanage says this little cutie has made big progress. She is the only girl in her orphanage and is loved by all the nannies.
Julie grows happily. She can take food to eat, can play with toys alone, and her hands are flexible. She smiles beautifully with dimples.Julie plays, watches cartoon movies after have meals Julie is a smart, lovely and a pleasant girl.

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