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SHEPPARD, PIERCE and SALOME for the Fahringer family — VA

30726000820PierceSalomeMary and Alden met on Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 at about 3:15 pm. It was Mary’s second day at her new job and she was looking forward to meeting this “Alden guy” she had heard her new co-workers talking about all the day before. Mary remembers exactly what she and Alden were wearing when they were introduced and how simply wonderful she thought this nice young man was. Alden thought Mary was pretty cute but that she would never go for a guy like him. Boy was he wrong! They quickly developed a friendship which grew into a romance. A little over a year after they had met, in June 2008, they were married and began their exciting new life together! Alden had

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a background in working with youth groups and summer youth camps and Mary was quickly drawn in to the lifestyle of a youth leader. Mary helped Alden as he led the youth group at their church for 4 years. Through working with these wonderful and crazy kids Mary fell in love with teenagers too! She also went back to school during this time to get a teaching license in secondary English and enjoyed the challenges and joys of teaching her 10th grade and 8th grade students. They recently moved to a new town, bought their first house and plugged in to a new church family, making time to work with hurting kids and at risk youth through various ministry opportunities. It was right after their move, in December of 2011, that God used Reece’s Rainbow and adoption blogs to break Mary’s heart for orphans with special needs, especially the older aging out teens. After praying and searching God’s word about caring for orphans and widows, Alden too had his heart broken. With both of them on board with the idea of growing their family through adoption, they began researching various options and never looked back! Through many twists and turns in this adventure, God has led them to Sheppard on Reece’s Rainbow. Mary and Alden are beyond excited to adopt this wonderful teen and make him their forever son! They know God has brought them this far on their journey and will continue to move mountains until Sheppard is safely home and beyond. They are so thankful for the wonderful support from friends, family and their church family for rallying around them as they fight to get to their son before he ages out of the system. Any and all support and prayers are greatly appreciated!

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