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KATHRYN for the Knofczynski family – GA

 photo fwbutton150.png30407151600 KathrynIn December of 2012 while visiting their soon to be daughter Zoey in the orphanage, Greg and Stacey first laid eyes on this little girl. Each day while they waited for the workers to get Zoey ready, Greg and Stacey would interact with Ethel from across the room as she sat in a wooden playpen with no toys. Although they never got to talk to her or hold her, Ethel was always excited to see them.

Throughout the next year Greg and Stacey and their children prayed that someone would come for Ethel. Someone to hold her, to love her, to free her from the captivity of an orphanage. Someone to give her a family, but no one came forward. Greg and Stacey know firsthand what the love of a family can do for these children. The two children they adopted during that trip have made such tremendous progress over the last year. So it broke their hearts to know that Ethel was probably still spending her time sitting in that same wooden playpen, day after day.  Greg and Stacey thought of several selfish reasons and excuses not to bring Ethel into their family. But as they searched the Bible for guidance, no such excuses could be justified.

Their children, Isabel-11, Maya-9, Lucy-7, Edison-5, Otto-3, Clay-2, and Zoey-2 are very excited for another sister to join their family. They can’t wait to hold her, play with her, show her the world outside the walls she has always known, and mostly, to show her and teach her the love of Christ. Greg and Stacey now pray that the Body of Christ will stand with them in prayer and sacrifice to make it possible for Ethel to know the love of their family.


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