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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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DRAKE for the Theisen family — ID

DrakeAbout 18 months ago God started whispering to Meg’s heart about considering adoption when their Student Ministries Pastor and his wife were at the beginning of their own adoption. At the time Meg’s body was a mess of unchecked Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and chronic back & neck pain; not the best scenario to introduce a little one into.

Meg started praying about it and, during yet another experience in hearing God’s desire for them to adopt through a speaker at a Homeschooling Conference, Meg asked Rich to start praying about it too. The subject of adoption kept coming up through any avenue God saw fit to use; movies, books, bible studies, and of course, scripture. It was undeniable and unavoidable; Jesus had a plan for their family. Rich and Meg have taught their 5 sons that it doesn’t matter how much you study the bible; you have to live it. In short, the boys were on board long before their parents were.

God has moved mountains in our world to accommodate obedience. He’s addressed nearly all of Meg’s physical issues, including the latest surgery on her back that should resolve most of her daily pain! The fitting response to getting a second chance at a normal life is to extend that blessing to a little one who’s chance at basic survival is disturbingly low. (They read that Internationally, 80% of special needs children who age-out and are then institutionalized, die within the 1st year.) Then finally, God softened and spoke to Rich’s heart on the subject; although in his defense he is already pretty dang tender!

So where do we start? There’s so much need. I looked at so many websites and read so many biographies of waiting children and what captured their hearts was a 3 year old little boy with Down’s syndrome named Drake and he lives in Lithuania. He was the only one out of all those kids that had stated in his bio, “He’s 3 years old and nobody visits him.” Meg’s (and Rich’s) heart broke. The Holy Spirit whispered, “Yes.” and that’s all it took. Meg was blessed and burdened with a glimpse of how Jesus feels about these forgotten little ones… there’s no turning away from that.

Now, they are within months of meeting their son; Homestudy in motion, Dossier package on it’s way to them to start the mad dash towards completion. They are watching God’s plan unfold for their family in awe of His thoroughness and provision. Not only provision in their fund-raising efforts through the generosity of others but also God’s provision in the form of redemption. To make a long story short; Meg’s heritage on her mother’s side is full Lithuanian, the side where the generational sin of abuse occurred. But God, by His grace, is doing a new thing! He is bringing something good and honorable and loving from what was damaged and broken and ugly by redeeming this long tainted Lithuanian blood. What an unforeseen blessing! God is so good.

They pray that Jesus is whispering in Drake’s ear… “Your parents are coming soon and they love you so much…”

9/23/14—TRAVELING NOV 25

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