EloiseEloiseGuardian AngelGirl, born August 2004


From a family who met her in 2014:

Eloise is such a lovely girl, inside and out! The pictures truly don’t do her justice. She is absolutely beautiful and just has the sweetest personality. She is a little shy, but also very open to interacting and you can tell she is just aching for connection.

She was probably the oldest child at this orphanage. We are certain she is still there because of how amazing she is with the little ones. She would do awesome in a family with young children! She was like a doting older sister to all the other children and seemed especially fond of the babies and toddlers.

We saw her learning to cross stitch and she also has some pretty awesome gymnastics moves she’s come up with on the swing set! We hope she can find a family quickly because we aren’t sure how much longer they’ll let her stay at the baby house and older child internats can be absolutely awful and traumatic.

My husband and I both felt she would be a fantastic daughter for anyone and wished we could bring her home too! She will bring such joy and love to a family! More pictures and video available for seriously inquiring families.

$549.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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