Adeline (1) Adeline (3)Girl, born March 2012
Congenital Heart Disease (post-op)

She may have Down syndrome; it hasn’t been ruled out as testing was done and inconclusive.

The nannies all remind everyone that when they care for her they need to be very meticulous and spend lots of time holding her. The nannies will gently put her down and it always seems like they are gently putting down a (fragile) bowl and they are afraid of knocking it into something. She really likes being held in the nannies’ laps. Now, she also loves to smile. Her congenital heart disease has not developed well but she is very tenacious in life.

As of May 2013:
Adeline can sit, and is starting to crawl.  Her vision is good.  She baby talks, and her language is developing. She had heart surgery in 2012, and takes medication for her heart and pulmonary conditions.

$400.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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