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GarrettApril 2009
Cerebral atrophy; multiple necrotic cyst of cerebra

Garrett’s diagnosis says: cerebral atrophy; multiple necrotic cyst of cerebra, but you can learn a lot more about him by reading what the agency staff who met him said about him after meeting him.

Garrett has normal limb and mental development presently. At the age of 1-2 months he looked at people who tease with him and paid attention to sounds. At the age of 3-4 months he had more activities, kicked his legs when he woke up and tried to turn over.At the age of 5-6 months, he could turn over, notice what was happening around him, and was fond of looking around. As of February 2010 when his file was prepared, he could slide around freely in the walker and sit alone. Garrett is active, gregarious, not afraid of strangers, and full of curiosity. At the age of 2 months he could smile. At the age of 3-4 months he made the sounds “gu gu, yi yi yaya”. At the age of 5-6 months he had more facial expressions and always smiled at the caretakers. As of Feb. 2010 he could recognize familiar people, liked music toys, and was fond of playing games with adults. With the love and care of the caretakers in the welfare institute, he feels safe, happy, and content. Seeing his caretakers makes him smile and reach out for a cuddle with his hands. He has formed stable and intimate relationship with his caretakers.


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