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AliceGirl, born December 2003
Developmental Delay

Listed November 18, 2013

Alice is very caring and sweet. She is diagnosed as being developmentally delayed, but the volunteer at camp found her to be a very smart girl who loves chatting about everything around her!!

What Alice’s camp counselor had to say:
“I am writing about my girl Alice whom I worked with at camp for a week. Alice is such a great girl! She is 9 years old, loves crafts, singing and dancing in front of people in her own way, and taking care of others. As I watched her, I noticed how kind and sweet she is. Alice is so kind to others, especially children who are with her, or those she lives with at her orphanage.

One of the best moments I had with Alice was when we read our goodbye letters to each other. She seems so tough and tried not to show her emotions to me all week, but when I read my letter to her and she read her letter to me, she started crying. She cried for a very long time, which made me emotional and she turned and looked at me and whispered “I love you.” It broke my heart, but made me so thankful to have this sweet girl in my life that I didn’t realize I needed, until God placed her there.

Alice looks a little small for her age, but has no physical needs. She is very active, talks a lot once she gets to know you, and like I have said before, LOVES kids! It is so neat to see her take care of those around her, make sure they have enough to drink, to eat, and that they are clothed well. Any family would be so blessed to have Alice in their life and I hope you consider adopting her!! She is so amazing and I’m blessed to know her and call her my little sister.”

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