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BuddyBoy, born June 2000
Cleft lip and Cleft palate (after repair)

Buddy will age out in JUNE 2014!

Buddy is a complete sweetheart! He is friendly, super chatty and very confident. Everyone fell in love with Buddy because of his gentle spirit and ability to make people laugh. His only special need is a cleft palate. We are very surprised he has still not found a family and want someone to bring this awesome boy home before he ages out.


What Buddy’s volunteer had to say:
“Buddy is a boy to remember. He is friendly, goofy, soft-hearted, practical, and comfortable in his own skin. As one of the older one’s in the group, he always looked out for the younger ones and was respected by many of the other children. He did not mind sitting on the side lines and watching his peers play, but he would also easily go up and be crazy and goofy with them. During dress ups, he put on a dress, a black wig, and some pink heart sun glasses and danced away! He loves to draw, dance, and play with beach balls.

The most significant moment with Buddy was during the time we exchanged goodbye letters. He had been to camp before and he already knew the routine. Goodbye letters meant the camp was coming to an end. He is normally funny and friendly but in this session he tucked himself into the bed and avoided eye contact. My translator read my letter to him and he continued to be silent, but when she started to read his letter to me, he started to cry. He quickly pulled the blanket over his head and refused to look up. When I wrapped my arms around him, I could feel his “wall” come down fully for the first time. He rested his head on my shoulder and continued to cry. After that goodbye session, I felt like the bond between us grew stronger.”

$100.49 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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