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BARRY for the Smith family

Barry1smith-barryThe Smith family is happy to announce they are making room for one more! While they will always wait for their sweet girl in Russia, they knew they had room in their home and hearts for a brother and son. Seriously, look at that smile! They can’t wait to bring him home to their family and community. They appreciate all of the prayers and support over the past two years and they specifically ask for your prayers for this adoption.

His advocate shouted – “Barry is so bright, funny, cute, charming and above all else he is loveable and has so much love to give too.”
God whispered- “What about you?”
We questioned- “But what if?…. An older child?”
God whispered- “You have prayed for a child, I will give you a son.”
We prayed- “Can we?”
God whispered- “Will you? Will you be my hands and feet?”
We answered- “Yes, yes we will!”
Floodgates open…. love pours forth…. a brother…. a son…. a family knit together by our Maker
He is ours…. We will go.

Follow the Smith family’s adoption journey on their blog at


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