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MIKEY for the Powell family — VA

31021225321 MikeyThis journey has many beginnings. By His grace, God called Jim and Tisha each to new life in Christ and brought them together in marriage. From 1998 to 2011, He taught them selflessness and provided an object lesson on the infinite nature of love through the blessings of eight biological children. By making these blessings all girls, He showed them how delightfully fun life could be.

In 2012, as He called the couple to adopt a special-needs child, God taught them about the obedience of faith and the unexpected joys that accompany even modest (but genuine) sacrifices. Most recently, He has graciously taught them that following Christ in faith and in joyful obedience is a journey that doesn’t end … at least, not yet. There is always MORE … more to pray for, more to do, more to give for His glory.

As they pursue a second adoption, Jim and Tisha are thankful to their local church for its compelling call to “90 Days of Generosity,” to their nine girls for the encouragement they have given to such imperfect parents, and to their Heavenly Father for His great grace and the living hope He has given us in Christ.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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