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BennyBoy, born May 2010
repaired bilateral cleft lip and palate

Listed: Nov 2013

Benny is 3 years old and has a repaired bilateral cleft lip and palate, no other health concerns.  He does have some  delayed speech due to the cleft lip and palate, and he receives speech therapy for this. His nannies had the following to say about boisterous Benny: “He is gentle, cute and lovely, occasionally he is a little naughty, likes to stay with his familiar caretakers, likes playing toys. When the music plays, he will wave hands, and shake his hip, and he is so lovely; under the care and love of everyone he grows up healthily and happily in this center and has formed stable and close bond with caretakers. All the nannies hope that he could have a warm and happy family early.”

Video:  http://youtu.be/Cejr–uD-E0

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