Yulia update (2) Yulia update (1)Girl, born September 2010

Down syndrome

Her orphanage says her mental development is better among other children with Down syndrome; her physical and mental development is delayed compared to other normal children of her age. She is quiet, shy, gets along well with others. She is a cutie and has no other medical conditions. Her picture is about a year old; the agency is hoping for an updated photo soon.

She is a good eater, not picky with food. She gets up at 6:30am, and goes to bed at 9:00pm. She can understand what you said and response to the instructions. She can put her toy close to her ear and pretend it is a phone and talk . She can recognize some pictures with your help. She can walk, run, jump, climb up and down stairs.

She can eat by herself, but she may get food on the table. She can go to the toilet by herself if you remind her. She needs to wear diapers when she goes out. She can put on pants and shoes, and she can take them off. She is very active and lovely. When her foster father come home, she will get him his slippers and wait for his kiss. She likes to help foster mother to do housework, she will hold a dust cloth and clean here and there like her mother.

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