Diagnosis: Retrolental fibrodysplasia on both sides.

Kolby is blind but is with preserved intellect and is very smart and sweet!

Kolby can crawl and walk a few steps when held by hand of an adult. He is able to hold a toy that was passed to him. He recognizes familiar and unfamiliar voices. He repeats everything said by adults and is learning children songs. He is able to answer questions correctly with yes or no. He is able to raise himself around fixed support and to sit. He enjoys the proximity of a loved adult, he likes to be hugged. He prefers to play with rattles, creating strong noise by hitting them into objects. He has a positive attitude towards himself and the surrounding. He does not show any signs of aggression or autoaggression.


Update July 2014
Kolby is very beautiful and charming little boy who has a lot of potential!! If he has the chance to find and live in supporting family environment – with a loving, caring family, who helps him show and develop his potential, he has the abilities to achieve a lot. He is just 4 and he can speak, walk and freely lead a dialog with adults. This child just needs someone, who will love and direct him and then I am more than sure that growing up he will have more independent and free life – life that everyone needs and deserves. He memorizes very quick, his intellectual capacity is very good. This child is looking for contact and socialization most of the time – just because he is motivated by himself, he needs it. He misses one of the most important sense that can master skills and information with (his vision), but he has fully preserved intellectual capacity, as well as auditory. He can achieve a lot if he finds his family forever, who will support, help and show him how to master new, and more and more skills. This child really needs his chance for better future, full of love and care that will help him to be complete adult in the future!
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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