HallieGirl, born January 2004
Post op Congenital heart defect, Cognitive Delays


Hallie’s Chinese name implies that she came to the orphanage during the spring festival and that she will become a person of outstanding talent. We already think she is pretty special!

On May 30, 2005, Hallie was operated on for her heart condition. The surgery was successful.

Hallie attends kindergarten at the orphanage. At first, Hallie was a little bit shy, sat on her little chair and didn’t speak much. It was hard for her to adjust herself to the new group and environment, and to communicate with teachers and classmates. With help and encouragement from her teachers, Hallie is becoming more lively and active, willing to play with the other children and play outdoors. She also enjoys motor-development activities.

In November 2007, Hallie went to live with a foster family. She has received all possible care and love from her foster parents, sisters and brothers, and has healthy physical development. Hallie can eat by herself at home, put on her clothes and shoes by herself, and help adults placing chairs around the dining table. When her little sisters and brothers cry, she also acts like an adult to humor them. Hallie is good and kind by nature. Hallie is quiet, and loves music, books, games and toys, especially the cloth dolls. She is very sociable.

From a family who recently met her: “SWEET SWEET GIRL!!! She is a doll!! She totally understood our questions and answered accordingly…PRECIOUS!!”

Hallie has a $2000 agency grant available.

$9.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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