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DUNHAM and EDGAR for the Quinn family — FL

DunhamMartin and Jennifer Quinn have been a couple for 12 years. They live in Florida and have three children, Alexis 19, Austin 15 and Gage 7 weeks! When they met, Marty had custody of his 3 year old son Austin, and Jennifer had custody of her 7 year old daughter Alexis. Sadly neither of their biological parents were involved. Jen and Marty married and raised their children together for 11 years. Together they provided them with the love and stability they needed. Last year they realized their children were getting older and no longer needed their constant attention. They were still young and couldn’t imagine having a silent house! One without laughter, children, and toys….. There were so many children in need. Without Mom’s and Dad’s to love, comfort and provide for them. They decided to embark on their adoption journey this January when they found out they were expecting!! They put their adoption research on hold and September 13th gave birth to their beautiful baby boy. They knew their next step was to adopt! Baby Gage needs playmates! They knew immediately when they saw Dunham that he was the one! Afraid to get their hopes up that Dunham would reside in their Country of choice they requested information on two other young boys as well. When they received the response that Dunham was the only one of the three located in that country, they knew it was a sign from God that he was their son! Their older children are as excited as they are to meet their new brother and bring him home to meet his playmate and best friend forever, Gage. Their journey as parents is continuing and they are overjoyed at the blessings they have received. They know God’s hand is at work and they are his faithful and obedient followers.

After some prayer and an approved home study for two the Quinn’s committed to another little boy they had been praying over, Edgar! There will now be 7 Quinn’s!

If you have been following Dunham or Edgar and praying for them to find a family, we would love for you to be a part of our journey. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook at “Bringing Home Dunham”! God Bless!


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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