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MARCI (Happy) for the Moore family — NC

Marci (3)When Gideon and Anne Moore were dating in 2001, they shared with each other that adoption was something that they wanted as part of their family.  They just weren’t sure how and when.

They started life together in 2002, and they have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl and two amazing boys along the way.  They also experienced three painful miscarriages of four unborn children.

Through that journey of joy and pain, they felt the strong call to adopt and to open their home to the children God has for them no matter where they were born.  They started the process to adopt in 2008 and have successfully completed multiple home studies and dossiers along the way.  Unfortunately, as they waited, there were numerous setbacks and delays along the way (including most recently the bankruptcy of their initial adoption agency).

In those delays and setbacks, God was at work.  In February, they came across the most beautiful little girl with Down syndrome on a waiting child list with their new adoption agency. They immediately sought and obtained preapproval to adopt this little angel and have now completed and submitted yet another home study and dossier.

Over the last 5+ years, the setbacks, delays and costs have been difficult to bear at times, but as they wait to bring their daughter home from China, there is a realization that but for those setbacks and delays, they likely would not be bringing home THIS little girl … this daughter that they can’t imagine their future without.


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