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3 Siblings for the Goerling family — AL

goerlingthreeTom and Mary have been married for 16 years and have 9 beautiful children, 2 of them adopted internationally. Tom, Mary and the kids were hoping to bring home a young man that they hosted in 2012, but because of political issues in his country of residence, they are not able to adopt him at this time. The Goerling family is heartbroken and will miss him very much and will continue to look for an open door to bring him home. As for now, Tom and Mary agreed that if God left the door open to that Eastern European country, then He must have someone else for them to bring home. God recently brought a sibling group of three (a 17 year old sister and two brothers 12 & 13) across their paths. They prayed and decided to move toward bringing home the siblings, it seems that this is the right path for them. They have come across obstacles and God has moved each one. Now one more remains, the extra funds needed to bring these three treasures home. Thank you for helping the Goerling family in this new adventure to turn three orphans into three new family members.



$2,552.16 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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