Mary Ellen 2015 Mary Ellen_2015Age: 3
Diagnosis: Arnold-Chiari syndrome; hydrocephalus (shunt installed); spina bifida aperta-surgically repaired; stabismus; frequent bladder infections that are being treated; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic diplegia; Seizure symptomatic – on treatment with Convulex; Delays in the psycho-motor development.

She lies only on her back, with increased muscle tone of the legs. She spontaneously makes attempts to turn from back to stomach by grabbing with hands on available support and manages to turn to one side. She already sits in a chair. She doesn’t have active movements in her bottom extremities.

She now would play for longer time with a hanging toy but manipulates non-specifically with it. She already takes and holds for long time a toy given to her, studies it, transfers it from one hand to another. She now studies her hands more rarely and already smiles.

Recently, the child is with improved emotional tone (after a very long period of definitely instable mood, cry and not allowing contact when adults would try to interact with her). When she is in a good mood, she laughs loud when teased by a familiar adult. She already repeats shown social gestures and movements with hands but doesn’t do them after verbal instruction.

She doesn’t understand the speech and doesn’t carry out verbal instructions if not shown something. She pronounces sounds and shouts. She doesn’t say syllables yet.

She can’t interact with the other children. She reacts with cheer in the presence of and at teases from an adult but can’t co-operate and participate actively in a joint play or interaction. She plays with toys in her crib manipulating non-specifically with them. She eats mashed food from a spoon. She drinks liquids with a bottle.

The agency has additional photos and video from 2015.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

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