Diagnosis: Arnold-Chiari syndrome; hydrocephalus (shunt installed); spina bifida aperta-surgically repaired; stabismus; frequent bladder infections that are being treated

UPDATE:  “She is turning two in February. She speaks her first words and loves any attention she can get. She had surgical correction of her spine and a shunt installed to reduce fluid on her brain.”  “Recently the shunt that keeps her from having too much fluid on her brain failed and she underwent surgery again. The sweet baby who sought contact is now avoiding eye contact. While her physical issues have been met her emotional needs are suffering.”

UPDATE 2014:

became clear that following the revision of her VP shunt at the end of 2013, there are some negative effects on her vision and possibly her hearing. She does not fixate her eyes or follow a moving object with her eyes anymore. Her condition as of now will have to be further clarified.

She is not speaking, does not tolerate even being touched without screaming, has ZERO reaction to sound and no indication that she has any vision (doesn’t track objects moving in front of her face or even blink). We only have a very short video clip of her that is current, but the little girl in the photo you have posted and the info at the top of her report is sadly no longer the same child that is available for adoption. I desperately want to see this little one find a family, but her needs should be very clearly listed upfront.

Photos and videos are available, along with detailed medical reports.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

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