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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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LAYNE for the Garrett-Gardner family — NC

LayneJohn and Joanne met through mutual friends in 2001. They were both musicians and enjoyed playing guitar and collaborating with other musicians. They began writing songs together, and quickly became close friends. They soon fell in love and in 2005 were married. They always knew that they wanted a family, and it had been a dream of theirs to grow their family through adoption. In 2008, that dream came true when they were blessed with a wonderful son, Zachary, who is from Vietnam.

The visit to Zachary’s orphanage in Vietnam had a profound impact on John and Joanne. It was very difficult for them to see so many special needs children being overlooked for adoption. At that moment they knew they would be adopting again. They just weren’t sure when!

In December 2012 John and Joanne decided it was time! They signed with an agency and started the adoption “paper chase”. They intended to complete their dossier and wait for a referral for a daughter with special needs. However, one day Joanne began looking at photos of waiting children, and immediately was drawn to a beautiful baby girl name Layne who has hydrocephalus. From the moment they saw her, John and Joanne knew that Layne was meant to be their daughter…and they can’t wait to be her parents! Zachary is so excited to be a big brother and asks every day when they will be able to travel to bring Layne home.

Thank you for your help in bringing Layne home.


$671.07 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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