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THEO, ORION, BARTON & EVAN for the Bloom family — OH

Theo 2013 (1)Orionbarton-1evan-2Christian and Kayleigh are very excited to be on this journey! They have talked about adopting since they were first married, but the time has never been right. When they began discussing it again recently, things started coming together in ways that they never could have imagined. They decided that was their sign to jump in! They have been working hard to get all of their paperwork and training completed. Now they have completed most of the work they are responsible for, and they have more time to focus on fundraising while they wait for all of their approvals and their invitation to travel! photo fwbutton150.png

UPDATE:  They will also be adopting Barton, an incredible young man who aged out back in December.  Their family is one of very few whose paperwork makes them eligible to adopt him, and they are thrilled to see what his future holds.They already have four wonderful children at home, and they can’t wait to add to their family. They are in awe of how amazing Theo is, and can’t wait to meet him. Now they will also be bringing Orion home! They are both loving boys who have waited for families for a very long time. These boys have grown up together at the same institution, and now they are going to be brothers. Isn’t that exciting?


The Bloom family would appreciate any financial support or prayer you can offer as they proceed on this adventure.


UPDATE 6/16:image (1) image
Theo, Orion and Evan are now home with their family! They are all getting settled in and accomplishing new things every day. Theo is finding so many things he can do independently, Orion is speaking much more clearly than he was in the orphanage, and Evan is learning what is like to experience love and attention for the very first time. Court for Barton was delayed and is now scheduled for July. This will require an additional trip, more time in country, and extra expenses. It will all be worth it to see him have his chance to blossom in a family too!


Follow the Bloom family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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