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DILLON for the Greeson family — TX

Dillon 1Gary and Teresa have been married for 11 years and have 5 beautiful children. They have 1 boy and 4 girls ranging from 10 down to 3. In 2009 their daughter Hope was born and unexpectedly diagnosed with Down syndrome. This has been the biggest turning point in their lives. It changed the way they look at everything. She became everything they never knew they always needed. She brings so much love and joy to everyone around her. She is nothing short of perfection in their eyes. This led them to adopting #5 from Russia in 2012. Mila is 4 weeks younger than Hope and also has Down syndrome. In a lot of the Eastern European countries a diagnosis of Down syndrome is shunned and at birth these mothers are told that it is best to leave them at the hospital where they are soon transferred to the orphanage, where they will stay until they turn 4-6 years old, where they are then transferred to a mental institution.

They know that they cannot “Change the world” BUT, they CAN make sure that the world does not change them. They CAN make a difference to someone’s life…an Earthly, and Eternal difference. They have the most accepting and wonderful children. They accepted Mila immediately as if she were always theirs.

They have fallen in love with a little boy with Ds, who needs a family. He is such a happy little boy despite his living arrangements, and never having a mother to kiss and hug him. He came so unexpectedly, but the love was undeniable. They cannot wait (especially their oldest son, Van) to bring home a sweet, little boy and always make him feel wanted. They know that they will learn as much from him as he will from them… together… as a Forever Family.

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