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CHARLOTTE and JADEN for the Holt family — TX

Charlotte 201110825223610 2011Jacob and Sarah had that “love at first sight” moment 10 years ago at Dallas Baptist University and never stopped living the fairytale. Jacob is a risk manager at Alliant Enrisk and Sarah stays home with their 4 children ages 2, 4, 6 and 7. After the birth of number 4, they knew they had room in their hearts and home for one more and started looking at Recce’s Rainbow for the perfect child with “something extra.” They were surprised when the “something extra” turned out not to be a chromosome but a sibling. Their plans changed the moment they laid eyes on them and suddenly their hearts and home found room for 2 more. The whole family is so excited to welcome their new brother and sister.

9/4/14—ON HOLD

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