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OLIVER and KALLI for the Hudson family — KY

Oliver 2July 2013 marked the 15th wedding anniversary of Jon and Christella Hudson, and 18 truly wonderful years together! At the ages of 17 and 15, they met and have been inseparable since! God has blessed their marriage with love, acceptance, support, patience, forgiveness, and friendship. They are a Kentucky couple with a burden on their hearts for orphans. God placed that burden in their lives through orphan aid trips to El Salvador. They believe the Bible clearly gives all Christians a mandate to care for orphans, and that He has provided adoption as the best means for their family to obey this command. They love children, especially the little ones He has already entrusted in their care: 9-year-old and 5-year-old daughters, and a 3-year-old son born in South Korea.

The Hudson’s also believe a loving and nurturing family environment is the most conducive to allowing children to become caring, responsible citizens who make the world a better place. They say, “The Bible shows us from the very beginning that God intended for human beings to be in a family where they received love, support, and companionship. There are simply too many children in this world without families and homes. We have decided we cannot sit by and do nothing when we have the love of Christ in our hearts, and the commission to share Him with the world. We have a close-knit family where we understand love is not biological.” God is blessing their family again through a match with a beautiful 4-year-old boy and a precious 2-year-old girl currently living in China! Oliver and Kalli have stolen their entire families hearts, as well as their friends and church family. Oliver has the special need of albinism, which the Hudson’s have thoroughly researched. Kalli has been diagnosed with a mild case of cerebral palsy, as well as oxygen deprivation at birth. They are committed to providing any medical procedures, therapies, or treatments needed. They will do everything possible with the resources we have to help both children grow healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. They believe their home, neighborhood, extended family, and lifestyle are all suited for their special needs.

Since making their decision to adopt, they hit the ground running on fundraising. A job change this year significantly lessened their income, but the Lord is showing His provision regardless. They have held numerous fundraisers, taken on additional part-time jobs, applied for over 10 grants, and are now looking at loan options. They currently need about $13,000 to complete their adoptions. The Hudson’s would like to express their sincere appreciation to anyone considering donating toward their adoption expenses!!

4/9/14—I800 APPROVAL
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$225.04 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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