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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Keegan (1)
Boy, born July 2009
post-burn cicatricial contracture sotomy deformity of face, scar proliferation contracture deformity after empyrosis in right hand

Meet precious 4 year old, Keegan. When Keegan was a baby he was involved in an accident that resulted in his scalp, face and right hand/arm being severely burned. Some issues Keegan has include: the absence of most of his hair and missing fingers on his right hand. He has “nubbies.” He is also missing the outer right ear. Keegan has trouble closing his eyes and his nose has lost the sense of smell. While these issues seem large, they are manageable. Hats, sunscreen, garments, and masks can help Keegan with his burn injuries. Shriner’s in Cincinnati can help children with burn injuries at no out-of-pocket cost to the family.

Keegan can use his right hand in a limited way. He has become left handed as a result of his injuries. Keegan is smart and likes to help his foster mom with household tasks. He can help with holding his own bowl, goes to the bathroom on his own, and can climb a slide. Keegan is learning to count, sing children’s songs and say his ABC’s. He knows animals and sounds. He likes electronics, TV, DVD’s, CD’s, and the cell phone. He enjoys playing with other kids and is sad when they leave. He is affectionate with his foster mom.

Keegan is a SURVIVOR! Keegan can go far… he just needs a chance! Is Keegan your son?

Keegan has a Brighter Futures agency grant for $5,000 and his orphanage donation will be reduced by at least half, possibly more.

$1041.30 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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