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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Thea (L)

Thea M205Girl, born August 2007

Specific mixed disorder of development, convergent squint, long-sighted astigmatism, farsightedness, functional systolic murmur, looseness in the ligaments of the ankle, foot outward curvature.


Update as of January 2013:
Doctor characterized Thea as very sweet, adorable and friendly little girl. Doctor noted that even if Thea was born on time and had normal weight, she arrived to the orphanage being extremely weak child and it took a lot of effort and time for orphanage’s specialists to normalize her development. At the moment, her development is much better and according to doctor the main difficulty that remains is her slower memory. In the doctor’s opinion, the slower memory doesn’t necessary indicate some kind of mental problem and if a girl would live in a family, she would probably make a much bigger progress than she does living in the orphanage. However, even living in the orphanage, her progress is visible. Thea’s memory and mental development is in the approximately same level as the mental development of other children of same age in the orphanage. But in comparison to children growing in the family, Thea’s development is slower.


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