Asher Photo 2 May-2013Boy, Born January 2012
Down syndrome


Brown haired, brown eyed Asher was born in January of 2012. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. He is able to push up while on his stomach and roll over from stomach to back.

Update for January 2013: Our agency staff representative visited Asher in January and provided the following update. Asher was taken for a cardiologist examination where he was diagnosed with a heart defect.   An operation was performed where they closed the patent ductus arteriosus.   At present time Asher is doing very well.  Although he cannot sit up and stand, he is a very active boy.  He is friendly, reacts to people when they talk to him, smiles back.  He likes to play with toys.   He sleeps and eats well.

Additional photos and video are available from the agency upon request.

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