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Christian Photo 7 May-2013

Christian Video Still Sept-2015 - Sept-2015Boy, Born April 2009
Down syndrome, CHD

Christian was born in April 2009 and has Down Syndrome as well as a heart defect. He is a happy, but quiet little guy. Christian is active and attentive, enjoys playing with his friends, and is loved very much by his caregivers.

Listed: Sept 22, 2013

Update September 2015: Christian is doing very well and has age appropriate self-help skills. He can dress without assistance and even helps other children with this task. He makes his bed and is fully potty-trained. Christian understands everything that his said to him, follows directions, and speaks well. He can be shy with strangers, is a picky eater, and shows some stubbornness at times. Christian thrives in one on one settings. He will soon be moved to an older child orphanage and updates will be more difficult to obtain.

Update May 2013: After visiting with Christian in May, our agency representative had the following update. Christian can walk independently now. He speaks (although his words are a little unclear). He answers questions and completes simple requests. He is active and joyful. The orphanage director says that he is very smart and very kind. Our in-country representative feels that the family who adopts Christian will be blessed.

Update January 2013: Christian is able to walk, is very active and likes to dance. He is able to say various words but he cannot speak in sentences yet. He also enjoys listening to music and knows many songs by heart. He is smart and can play many different games. Christian knows different characters from various cartoons and sometimes asks for a certain cartoon to watch. He is able to eat by himself, except for soup, as he sometimes makes a little bit of a mess. Christian is described as very kind, friendly, shy and sensitive.


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