Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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LoganBoy, Born December 2008
Down syndrome


Logan is a favorite of the care givers and his smile lights up the room! He is loved very much. Logan was born in December 2008 with Down syndrome, but no noted heart conditions. He is very active and makes great eye contact.

Update from January 2013:
After visiting with Logan in January, our staff representative had the following update. When Logan was a little younger, his caretakers took him to a developmental pediatrician. She recommended rehabilitation, which he is receiving on a regular basis. He can walk, eats by himself, plays with toys, and speaks (words). He likes to play with toys, loves going outside to play with other kids in the playground. He likes to watch TV very much. He is a very sweet boy, very joyful and friendly.

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