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Jake Photo 1 April 2014 - April 2014 -cropjake-photo-3-jan-2017Boy, Born July 2003
Down syndrome

Listed: September 22, 2013

Jake was born in February 2003 with Down syndrome.  He is a happy young man who loves animals and can talk about them for hours, especially about cats.   Jake can understand English and loves music and to sing!   Songs that have hand motions are his very favorite. He enjoys puzzles, books and Legos!   Please give Jake a chance!

Updated April 2014: Jake is an active, happy boy who attends school, likes to play games, and enjoys singing and dancing. Jake has well-developed self-help skills. He eats and drinks as well as dresses and undresses independently. Jake knows how to wash his hands and face, brush his teeth, and make his bed without assistance. Jake is also potty-trained. Jake speaks in short sentences and has a large vocabulary. He was exposed to the English language for the first several years of his life and can understand it. He tells stories, counts, and recognizes 27 letters. Jake understands simple rules and follows them. He would thrive in a loving family.
From a family who met him in 2015: Jake is such a nice boy.  He will greet you happily with a handshake.  Jake understands and speaks English as well as his native tongue.  The caregivers and other residents at his home speak English, so he has a very good understanding of it.  Jake is a very capable and independent boy.  He would thrive in a family of his own. MARRIED COUPLES ONLY.

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