Callie Photo 2 April 2014 - April 2014 cropCallie Photo 1 2014 - April 2014Girl, Born 2006

** Two birth dates were provided to the agency, and the second birth date of Sept 2006 was confirmed twice from record provided by Ministry Of Justice. **

Down syndrome, strabismus (surgically corrected in 2011)


Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin beauty!   Callie is the funniest child that loves to sing songs, make bread, attend camp and ride ponies.   She has Down syndrome and was born in 2003.    Her strabismus was surgically corrected in 2011.   Callie is such a smart little girl who also loves her dolls and cell phones.  Callie can speak and understand two languages, including English!   If you like to have fun, make puzzles, build Legos and read books, Callie is happy to join you!

Update 2014:
Callie is a beautiful and funny girl who likes to sing and dance and who easily makes friends. Callie is communicative, speaking clearly in two languages, one of them English. She has an extensive vocabulary, tells stories, recites poems by heart, and remembers places and names.

Callie eats and drinks, dresses and undresses, and brushes her teeth independently. She is potty-trained and a very tidy, organized girl who makes her own bed and puts away her toys without help.  Callie attends school and her teacher describes her as an attentive and good student. She recognizes numbers and 30 letters as well as colors.

Callie would be a wonderful addition to a loving family!   MARRIED COUPLES ONLY.


$5,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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